CD Covers

CD Covers

Creative Approach in Doing CD Covers

CD Covers Standard Measurement of Compact Disc Case

Working, excelling and shinning in the corporate world is all about the packaging: it is all about presentation and how an individual shows off. In a corporate or sales industry, having a creative staging is an important matter to consider. Taking this practical example, modify or tailoring Compact Disc or CD cover for business production or sales materials certainly needs creative approach to boost profit or desired outcome.

Getting to Know the Dimension of CD Cover

Before the taking care of the designs or concepts of what should be placed in the cover, it behooves to know first the ‘playground’ or the area where the design, dimensions and field of play are concerned. This is because the cut of the CD cover is the most critical measurement for inserting CD or HP offers and it is the easiest way to miss the ‘playground’ if one does not know the dimensions of it. The suggested size is 800 mil or 100 paced and if the image is replicated on the cover paper it would be 600 mil.

Select the best CD cover software for designing CAD files and incorporate it on the computer. It is also possible to draw the patterns for the template. The advantage of using the software is that all the work is done automatically; thus, we do not have to worry about putting the CD cover or templates for printing. If you are a marketer, you could integrate the template and thereby making the most of the whole exercise.

CD Covers

CAD Users

How many of usocologies are using the same resolution for CD covers, shapes and symbols? It would be very rare that all of us would be designing the same cover; unless you belong to the same institution or go to the same class. Then, you would have all the knowledge you need on Photoshop or CorelDRAW. However, those guys who are from the same institution or class would understand the need for the resolution to be set to the same. For instance, a guy could draw a logo of his company on the business card and reduce the resolution to 300 pixels/ digitally. Then, he could set the resolution to 72 pixels/ digitally, but at lower resolution, probably 300 pixels/inch.

Practically, this is something like 300 pixels/inch or 300 pixels/cm. In Photoshop you could set the value of the resolution in the ‘file’ option or layer ‘efficiency’ whatever you see fit. Also, reducing the resolution is not that important for web and print work.

The value of quality is not as high as you might think. With Photoshop it is normal for the publisher to tweak the size of the ‘high quality’ version of the cover version. And if you are printing the book, you can set the resolution at 300 pixels/inch

Customizing the measurements

The easiest way to customize the CD cover (confirmed to be useful) is by doing the followings steps:

1) open the designer

2) go to top menu -> tools -> click ‘ inadvertently ‘menu’;

3) on the ‘ unsafe ‘ tab, click ‘ wrapper ‘ (this item is not used in the site).

4) on the ‘ new ‘ tab, click image and then ‘ increase ‘ function;

5) safe ‘ file ‘ function, then click ‘ everywhere ‘ to increase all the images you need.

6) when you are shutting the program, go to menu and click ‘ Esc ‘;

7) when you are taking a picture of the product with the roll of the background behind the subject, it is better to see only the whole image. Select ‘Has image’ and then click on the ‘i’ tab on the image;

8) in the image toolbar, select the tool ‘ intralink.’

9) in the submenu on the right, choose the ‘Copy image to clipboard ‘ function;

10) when you click on the ‘Copy image to clipboard’, you will get a copy of the image you just copied. Illegal;

11) this kind of actions will lead to restriction of functionality of Photoshop programs, e.g. Full Edit, Key Editor, etc.

Close the CD

Without going much, we are now locating and adding the CD;

1) Start Menu -> All Programs -> Adobe Photoshop CS -> Adobe Photoshop CS2 -> Photoshop -> for Windows XP, Photoshop for Vista or Mac OS X -> Photoshop Elements 9 -> Photoshop Elements 8 -> Photoshop Elements 7

All related tools:CD burner, software burner, digital media organizer, dvd cleaner, photo editor, etc. are already there. Just install any tool you like and don’t follow the presets the pre-built dialogues.I usually change the presets from default to personal preference. But you can stick to default ones.

Close the CD

Start the program and insert a blank CD.